The Aquarite Chlorine Generator

With the Aquarite Chlorine Generator you may never have to mix or even measure chlorine again:

Their secret to controlled chlorination - In application, the Aqua Turbo Cell is simply plumbed into the return pipe to the pool. Its wire is plugged into the control panel and the system is ready to go. When your pool pump turns on, your AquaRite is activated. It then disperses freshly purified water, sparkling clear water with the level of purification you want.

The AquaRite Electronic Chlorine Generator automatically converts salt into chlorine every day while you are filtering your pool. This constant level of chlorine keeps the water crystal clear and ready for swimming for anytime swimming. But best of all eliminates all the traditional hassles of dealing with chlorine. The salt in the water is below the level for taste but still has the beneficial effects of softening the water and preventing dry skin and stinging eyes. After the chlorine oxidizes the the bacteria and algae in the pool, it is converted back to salt. This recycling means that salt only needs to be added to the pool 2 or 3 times per year. More time for relaxation.