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Swimming pools are a popular backyard fun spot. Kids love them and parents like what they add to the property value of their home. Pools require maintenance, and this can be expensive, especially if you are not sure what you need.

Best swimming pool supplies is a resource site for swimming pool owners and for those thinking about installing a swimming pool. We want to help you make informed decisions before you buy. We do not promote one brand or product. We want to educate and inform the general public of the large selection of swimming pool supplies available to them today.

Maintaining the pools cleanliness should be a top priority so you will find information on pool cleaners, pool pumps, pool liners, pool covers and other essential pool supplies.

We have included articles on building a swimming pool, financing a pool and the pros and cons of owning an above ground pool or an inground swimming pool. Also find articles and information on pool decks and the best swimming pool temperature.... and of course let us not forget about learning some pool safety. We have got information on this very important subject.

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    Above Ground or Inground Swimming Pool

    An above ground pool has several nice advantages, starting with cost. Generally, it cost ten times less than an in-ground pool. Installing one is not likely to raise your property taxes.