Finding and Repairing Pool Leaks

Above-ground pools have few drawbacks, but one of them is that they can get a tear or hole rather easily.

It can be difficult to find the leak and determine how to repair it. The following article should help you with these tasks.

Your first step is to determine whether you really have a leak. There are three main causes of water loss from swimming pools (plumbing leaks, shell leaks, and evaporation or splashing). What at first appears to be a leak may be any one of these three things.

The first thing it would be important to rule out would be evaporation or splashing. It is quite common for swimmers to splash a lot while playing in the pool and a hot sun is capable or removing quite a bit of water from the pool on a daily basis.

To determine whether evaporation is what is causing your pool level to go down you will want to place a large container filled with water on the first step of your pool. You want to place enough water in the container so that its water level is equal to that of the water level in the pool. Watch what happen to the water level in the container over the course of a couple of days when no one is using the pool. The cause of your water loss is probably just evaporation if the water in the container and the water in the pool go down approximately the same amount during those days. You probably have a leak in the pool if the water level in the pool goes down much faster than the water level in the container.

The filter and pump are the first places to examine if you suspect you have a leak. See if you can find damp areas or water spots and trace them back to their origin. The pipe connections in this area are quite often to blame for pool leaks. Sometimes it is helpful to keep the pump running while you attempt to see where the leak is coming from. Once you locate the leak you can fix it yourself if you feel you have the skills and experience necessary to repair plumbing. Many people, however, will feel best hiring a professional at this point.

You may have a leak in the pool shell if you are unable to locate a leak in the plumbing. Hiring an experienced professional is almost always the best bet in these instances.

When it comes to possible pool leaks the real key is eliminating possibilities to determine the real cause. Once you have figured out the cause of the water loss you can decide whether this is a problem you can tackle yourself or if your wisest move will be to hire a professional.