Swimming pool chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals

A common misconception about pools made by people who have never owned them is that Chlorine is all it takes to keep a pool algae free and clear. To keep water clean, and safe, it requires a number of different chemicals, such as Acids, Water Clarifiers Algaecides, and a number of other chemicals, which are potentially dangerous to swimmers, and equipment. Before you use any chemicals in your pool whatsoever, It is suggested that you talk to an expert and find out exactly what you need to know.

It is recommended to keep the pH levels of your pool slightly alkaline (between 7.4 and 7.6), as this balance is safe for swimmers, the pool equipment, and the walls of the pool itself.

Chlorine is a great cleanser for pools. By keeping the right level of chlorine in the water, Algae will find a very hostile environment, as well as any number of bugs and plant life, as well as microscopic germs and bacteria. Bromine is another such germicide, mostly used for Indoor pools, however, as it has less odor, but is slightly more expensive.

As the name suggests, Algaecides prevent algae from growing in your pool water, and along the walls. A more serious approach to pool cleaning is Shock. Shock is a heavy dose of chlorine, among other chemicals. The goal of shock is to completely kill everything in it. Usually when Shock is used, the pool should not be used for a number of hours, if not days.

Again, it is very important to consult an expert before using any of these, as they are all potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. Keep this in mind.