Swimming pool cleaners

Chemicals and filtering will only take you so far, when it comes to pool care. Your pool will also need some sort of cleaning tool to clean dirt and the like off the bottom and sides of your pool. Obviously, the efficiency and convenience of the model you chose will impact the price drastically. You can choose one that is self-contained and completely automated, or you can go with a manual tool powered by the pools pump and filter system. Bigger and more expensive is not necessarily better. As a pool owner, I have preferred the simple, basic Suction Side cleaners, as it gives good excuse to be outside with the smell of the water, and some music.

Here is a basic breakdown as to what is what in this market.

Suction Side Cleaners are simple tools that use your pools existing pump and filtering system to clean dirt off the bottom and walls of your pool, and are usually manually operated. Pressure Side Cleaners usually are a little more technical and involve filter bags and other such pieces. Robotic Cleaners are for the pool owner who loves gadgets. They are often completely self-contained, electrically powered, and automatic.