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Swimming pool covers that are attractive and functional

There are many types of pool covers.

One sound investment is a pool cover. They will decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning, and heating your pool. You can usually find one to fit your pool’s shape and size, but not always. In that case, they can be custom made at a surprisingly low cost.

There are three major options for a pool cover.
The first option is a solar pool cover. These are usually dark in color, thick, and heavier then other kinds. By leaving this on your pool for a week during spring or summer, you’ll find your pool water temperature has risen dramatically. These can save you money on heating.

The second option is a safety cover. These are designed to keep small children or animals safe around a covered pool. If you have small children, or pets you are worried about, this is a good choice.

The third is a winter cover. They are mostly designed to keep debris out of your pool, and little else.




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