pool heaters

Swimming pool heaters and pumps


If you own a pool and plan on using it at any time other then the depths of summer, then you should seriously consider a pool heater. The three major methods of heating pools are Propane, Natural Gas, and Solar Power. Propane is very energy expensive, when compared to the other two, and Natural gas requires more energy then solar power, which requires almost none at all.

With a heater and a thermostat, you can regulate your pool to remain at a comfortable 80 degrees, if you want, or higher. The efficiency of a pool heater is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) This is a measurement of heat energy, and in this case, a measurement of how much heat energy it takes to heat a pool by 1 degree F. Depending on the size of your pool, It can take upwards of half a million BTUs, or less then 100,000. It is best to find out how many gallons your pool is before you decide on a heater, and choose whether you prefer speed to economy, as a 350,000 BTU heater will heat a medium sized pool relatively quickly, It will cost significantly more.