Swimming Pool Safety


  • Be sure your pool has the correct fencing surrounding it. Everyone's pool should have many barriers to ensure children and or animals cannot get into the pool. Besides just a fence, you may consider adding a safety cover and a pool alarm.
  • Children should never left alone! I'll repeat this one. Children should never be left alone while in, or near swimming pools or hot tubs.
  • Wear sunscreen, especially for the children. They may not notice sunburn until later in the day, and by then it can be too late.
  • Be sure to have rescue devices around the pool and a phone close by.
  • Never have glass around your pool. It could break and the pieces that are left behind (which can be undetectable) could cut someone.
  • Never dive into a pool unless you know it is the proper depth.
  • A pool cover should be completely removed before anyone plays in or near the pool.

This is what a company in France wrote to us:

"I would just like to advise people of the dangers of swimming pools and to ensure that they ensure their pool has adequate security systems in place, especially for children under 5. In France in 2006, there were 119 accidental drownings in private pools, which resulted in 50 deaths in private pools, even after a new law was passed to ensure all pools had a security system.

The only system that works 100% effective is a fence, combined with surveillance by an adult. We at Du Toit can offer free advice and assist you via our extensive European network of Distributors."

Du Toit et Associes

pool chemical safety

Chemicals should never be mixed. Be sure to read all instructions.

Check all the chemical and water levels to be sure the pool is bacteria free and clean.

Store chemicals in a safe place where kids and animals cannot get to them. Some chemicals cannot be stored together. Ask your chemical manufacturer for more detail.